Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winters blessings

Here is the first of a new collection ..... I am working with my all time favorite theme...... yep its SNOWMEN!! I just love snowmen! They are just so fun to paint.. with their hats, sweaters, mittens, all the way down to their buttons! Its funny with snowmen.. even though they are made of the cold freezing snow... they can convey such warm hearted expressions. Winter will certainly be here soon enough if not already for some...and much more to do... I better get busy on creating some new friends for this guy and hmmm, I am thinking a nice cup of hot chocolate as well - now that is a winter blessing :)


  1. That is adorable Shelly!! Well done♥

  2. I want him. Gimme. I will love him even more when he's featured on big,deep hot cocoa mugs, all the better to enjoy those winter blessings with! What a cutie.

  3. BTW....I looked for your flag at Lowes this weekend and they didn't have it yet:(
    I'll keep watching though:)

  4. Hiya Shelly!

    I posted to here yesterday, but it never showed up for some reason?? That is so weird?!
    Anyway, what I said (in a nutshell) is that I ♥LOVE♥LOVE♥LOVE♥LOVE♥LOVE♥ him!!!!!
    I want to go to Lowe's - I want a flag - but I don't have a Lowe's here! =(

  5. you do have a specal knack for making them extra warm and cuddly, this guy is adorable. But you know who my favorite Simply Shelly Snowman is - the warmest one of all...

  6. awww he is sooo adorable!!!

  7. So adorable indeed! Really love your work..they are all cute!

  8. Hi Shelly, I love the snowmen in the Winter Blessings Collection. I recently saw your art in a scrapbook layout on a Scrappin Sunshine Facebook webpage and was inspired. I would like to purchase this collection to make a scrapbook layout for my family. I realize you created this a few years ago, do you still sell these images somewhere? Thanks,
    Nicole Stebbins, nicole.stebbins @ yahoo_com

  9. I love your designs, all of them, wish you well for the future of your family and your pets, I also love animals, I live in Africa so it give me a big range to view and love, that cat of your is too beautiful. xxx