Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We have the winners of the clay ornament giveaways!

Well the winners have been picked!  For the bonus round reindeer ornament - the winner is Pat Beaubien Fromm!  Congratulations Pat and thank you so much for entering!

For the snowman ornament - the winner is Sally Stebbins!!

I will contact you both to get your address's and get your little winnings out to you right away.
THANK YOU to everyone that entered.  I truly enjoyed this!  A Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


 Well down to the basement I went.  Pulling out boxes and blowing off dust clouds and diving in.   Boxes and boxes of lots of fun stuff.  Glitters, garlands, tools, and some of my favorite little crafty things.   It has been at least five years since I have worked on clay for myself.  I have done a few kids projects here and there, but those have to be very very basic and simple.  This was different.  I could just play and create whatever my heart desired.  Each box was like its own treasure chest.  As I explored each one, the ideas started flowing.  I couldn't get started fast enough.  So off to claying I went.   I have to say, I truly enjoyed it and cannot believe how much I have missed it.   And yes, I was a bit obsessed.  I clayed for three days straight, barely sleeping and even forgot to eat breakfast and lunch a couple times!  That never happens!   So here he is... my new little snowman ornament.  
Everyone is invited to enter!  All you need to do is leave a festive holiday greeting on my blog.     Another way to enter is  "like" and leave a comment on my Facebook page here.   Each comment will be printed out and placed in a box.   I will  then draw the winner on Tuesday to be sure of a Christmas delivery.  
As I said in my previous post, I have a little bonus giveaway too.   
To enter for the "bonus" round, all you need to do is go to my Facebook page again here, and share my page on your page.  I will get a listing of everyone who has taken the time to do this, and these will go into a separate giveaway box for this little reindeer ornament.  This drawing will also be on Tuesday.
I do want to thank everyone who has sent me emails requesting clay pieces, but unfortunately my time just does not allow.   So I do apologize .. but  you never know, I just may drop in another giveaway from time to time just for the fun of playing with clay!