Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brand new to blogging!

Well at the gentle "ahem" nudging of some wonderful friends.. I now have started a blog. My name is Shelly Comiskey and I am an artist and mom. I work from my home and feel blessed everyday that I do what I do. Whether I start with a blank piece of paper and pencil, paint and paintbrush, digital illustrating, or even starting with just a ball of clay - I just love the feeling of creating something from nothing. Through art, I have met some of my dearest and closest friends.
I look forward to this new venture and my hope for this blog is to keep in touch with friends and meet lots of new people as well! I will be posting new art, new happenings, fun thoughts, and who knows what else LOL.. Thanks for stopping by!
Shelly :)


  1. Oh Wow Shell! It looks AMAZING, just ☺AMAZING☺
    Just like I knew it would! Your banner is beyond FANTASTIC!!! Boy, I'm soooo GLAD you had some friends that gently *ahem* nudged you to do this! I just can't wait to see what you bring for us, friends and fans alike!
    We ♥LOVE♥ you and your INCREDIBLE art, Shell!

  2. Thank you Lori :) I am so happy I did this. And your my first post!! :) Thanks for the "nudge" lol! Love ya!

  3. Shelly! Hooray!
    Welcome to Blogland I'm so glad you're here! Can't wait to see what evolves (another something-from-nothing fabulous creation I'm sure). Looks great so far...
    I am jealous of your neat and tidy studio, and LOVE the big (lumpy) furry rug under your desk!

  4. Thanks Beth!!! I'm very excited to jump into this too.. Yours was the very first blog I got hooked on.. and still am! As for the studio.. you should see it now LOL.. not so tidy :)

  5. So excited that you are blogging now!!!!!!!!!
    you have some awesome friends!

  6. I am sooo happy that I found your blog I loveee your work! The turtle from Simply Spring is my fav!!