Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We have the winners of the clay ornament giveaways!

Well the winners have been picked!  For the bonus round reindeer ornament - the winner is Pat Beaubien Fromm!  Congratulations Pat and thank you so much for entering!

For the snowman ornament - the winner is Sally Stebbins!!

I will contact you both to get your address's and get your little winnings out to you right away.
THANK YOU to everyone that entered.  I truly enjoyed this!  A Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


 Well down to the basement I went.  Pulling out boxes and blowing off dust clouds and diving in.   Boxes and boxes of lots of fun stuff.  Glitters, garlands, tools, and some of my favorite little crafty things.   It has been at least five years since I have worked on clay for myself.  I have done a few kids projects here and there, but those have to be very very basic and simple.  This was different.  I could just play and create whatever my heart desired.  Each box was like its own treasure chest.  As I explored each one, the ideas started flowing.  I couldn't get started fast enough.  So off to claying I went.   I have to say, I truly enjoyed it and cannot believe how much I have missed it.   And yes, I was a bit obsessed.  I clayed for three days straight, barely sleeping and even forgot to eat breakfast and lunch a couple times!  That never happens!   So here he is... my new little snowman ornament.  
Everyone is invited to enter!  All you need to do is leave a festive holiday greeting on my blog.     Another way to enter is  "like" and leave a comment on my Facebook page here.   Each comment will be printed out and placed in a box.   I will  then draw the winner on Tuesday to be sure of a Christmas delivery.  
As I said in my previous post, I have a little bonus giveaway too.   
To enter for the "bonus" round, all you need to do is go to my Facebook page again here, and share my page on your page.  I will get a listing of everyone who has taken the time to do this, and these will go into a separate giveaway box for this little reindeer ornament.  This drawing will also be on Tuesday.
I do want to thank everyone who has sent me emails requesting clay pieces, but unfortunately my time just does not allow.   So I do apologize .. but  you never know, I just may drop in another giveaway from time to time just for the fun of playing with clay!

Friday, November 23, 2012

And the winner is.......

I start using a little slip of paper with each and every name from participants until the last minute, folded them in half, and put them it in this great box I came across the other day at my local Jewel store.  Well guess what..I immediately recognized the artwork.. this adorable box was designed by my good friend Beth Logan!   Now how cute is this???   Be sure to check out Beths blog as she is also in on the Henry Glass blog hop fun.   Always with the brightest posts that always put a smile on my face and not to mention her wonderful artwork!  Okay... Well after shaking and mixing up all the the little tickets, the winning name is picked... with a little help from LaLa.

And the winner is……. Ruth Viens!!!  Ruth I will be contacting you for your address!!

I want to truly thank everyone for their support, kind words, and for joining in on the fun.  I have enjoyed this so much that I have decided to do another giveaway (as well as a bonus giveaway) starting the first week of December!  This time I will make a handmade snowman ornament from polymer clay.  It has been quite a while since I have worked with the clay so I am really excited get my hands on some!!  I will post as soon as the giveaway gets underway!

Happy Holidays to all and a special thanks to Henry Glass for including me on this very special blog hop!  You can enter into their awesome giveaway on their blog until November 25th - they are giving away a huge bundle of fabric as well as a small gift from each of the designers who participated in the blog hop!  Good Luck and congratulations Ruth!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day Three of the Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party!

Hello and welcome to my blog!
For this holiday blog hop, the theme is favorites, so I am going to share some of my own holiday favorites!  

Lets start with my favorite holiday decoration - Well it probably is no surprise that it is a big adorable plush snowman.    He is always the first of all my decorations to come out.   Each year he sits on my  window ledge looking out the window with his candle glowing.  Its just a sweet little greeting as you walk up to our house.  Yep, he's my favorite.

My favorite holiday recipe - hmmm, I have many.  But this is definitely one at the top of my list.  It is a very simple jello recipe, but it brings me back to many holiday get togethers when my mom would make this for the Christmas Eve parties.    Always a huge hit - and it is delicious!
       One Large Strawberry Jello
        Two 10 oz. frozen strawberries
        Two pints of vanilla ice cream
 Thaw strawberries and drain juice.   Add water to juice to make 2 1/2 cups combined:  Bring liquid    to boil in saucepan.   
  Pour in Jello and dissolve
  Add ice cream to thicken and then add the strawberries.  Pour mixture into 13x 9 clear baking dish.  Refrigerate to set - This takes a bit longer than regular jello because of the ice cream.. I usually make it the night before to be sure its set, but usually takes a few hours.    Delicious! 

As for my favorite holiday tradition.. this one goes back as long as I can remember.  Each Christmas Eve, we get together with my entire family.  Aunts, Uncles, cousins included.   Memories, laughter, food and a great family.  This extravaganza has grown to be quite a celebration as our families grow.  And on this night, we have a special visit from Santa himself.  Each child (Oh and Aunt Judy too) then sits on Santas lap and receives a special Christmas Eve gift.  The excitement and anticipation for the arrival of Santa is in the air as the kids anxiously wait and listen to for the familiar Ho Ho Ho and jingle of his bells.  Christmas Eve always brings the warmest memories of holiday spirit.  We continue to create new memories as we keep this tradition going!

Here is a link to a free pdf download of some fun gift tags using the snowmen from my Snow Much Fun collection with Henry Glass. Just print and clip!  I hope you can use and enjoy these tags for your gifts this year and for many years to come.  

Be sure to visit the beautiful blog of Wilma Sanches, as day three is our day to post for the party!   You can then follow along each day through the rest of the hop.  A schedule of the hop as well as links are posted on my blog's previous post.
And don't forget to stop by the Henry Glass blog  each day for fun contest including a chance to be entered for the Grand prize which will also include a little prize from each of the designers.  I will be giving away a coffee mug featuring a design used from the I Love Snow Collection.   I am also hosting my own giveaway.. all you need to do is leave a comment here on the blog and hit the like button on my Simply Shelly Designs Facebook page, you will then automatically be entered into my holiday giveaway for my Santa design canvas wall hanging!   I will be drawing a name on November 23rd, 2012!  Thank you so much for stopping by and I wish you all the happiest of holidays this season!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lets Get this Party Started!

I'm thrilled to be included in this years fun  - The Henry Glass Very Merry Holiday Party!  An exciting blog hop featuring Henry Glass fabric designers!!  Stop by 
the blogs on the day of their post for some fun, exciting giveaways, projects, and even favorite holiday recipes.   Visit the Henry Glass blog each day -
for a festive contest and the chance to win the grand prize - a huge bundle of fabric as well as a small gift from each of the designers!  
Let the fun begin!!

  Here is the list of participating designers, their blog dates and links!!

Linda Lum DeBono www.lindalumdebono.blogspot.com
November 12:
November 13:
November 14:
November 15:
Heather Mulder Peterson http://ankastreasures.wordpress.com/
November 16:
November 17:

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finally Fall!

The cool weather is here and I have to say, I am quite ready for it.  I am a huge fan of summer and sunshine of course, but this summer was a hot one!  Pumpkin lattes, hoodies, comfy Ugg boots, and the beautiful fall colors are now what I am looking forward to!    There is something to be said about the change of seasons bringing out new inspiration and with this.. new opportunities!

  Happy Halloween Everyone!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome to the studio of Shelly Comiskey - Simply Shelly Designs

Enjoy yourself as you follow this Hi Resolution for a look into the creative spaces of twelve different artists, their studios, and their styles!

Hop over and visit my talented friends as they welcome in
the New Year with a Studio Tour-




Brenda Pinnick
J. Wecker-Frisch

Paula Joerling
Phyllis Dobbs




My cozy studio..

One small room, filled from corner to corner with things I love. Not
everything in my studio is art related but just bits and pieces of me. Some of
my favorite books, the little nik naks from when my kids were small,
pictures, and wall to wall fur balls curled up napping on the many pillows and
dog beds I have spread out on the floor for them. My fuzzy co-workers, my
inspiration.. all in all, my company all day.
For many years back in our old house I had the tiny room in the basement
and the space heater at my feet to keep them warm. Now I feel so blessed to
have a beautiful room in my house.. my studio. With a great view looking out
to the trees and skylights bringing me the sunshine, I cannot think of a better
place to start my day and to end each night. In my old studio, I surrounded
myself with everything an artist needs at arms reach... paints, brushes of all
kinds, paper, glues, clay, ribbons, glitter, boxes of this and that.. oh I could
go on. But I realized when designing my studio 9 years ago that this time I
needed comfort. I wanted the feeling to be more relaxed and not so cluttered.
This definitely helps my creativity. And "comfy" it is!! From my cushy chair,
a warm wooden desk, to the colors and things that surround me..it's just perfect for
me. Don't get me wrong.. I still surround myself with my artsy things.. lots
and lots of them.. but keeping a bit more cohesive to the surroundings in lots
of wicker baskets and a great closet! And come deadline time.. which sometimes
seems to be daily.... there are truly the days when I cannot find my desk.. let
alone my cat or little Chihuahua Tequila...after all.. I am still the right brainer!

Sketchbooks and sketchbooks, some watercolor paints, markers, and colored
pencils, and books. That's what I now keep near.. but a couple of my favorites are the Cintiq
monitors. I have the 21" and now the lap size 12". These are digital monitors that I can work with my art
programs directly on the screen. Definitely ranking as favorites in the
studio.. well that and my coffee maker.
Loving my 12" Cintiq
I love the warm sunshine that comes through as well as the natural sunlight...
hmm...to pounce or not to pounce.....
Inside the closet doors is a treasure trove of goodies!!
Just a sample.. have a couple more closets in the basement :D
Tiki aka "Queeny"... we have to move the kitty bed to follow the sun spot across my desk through the day. So glad she lets me share her studio..
my studio buddies <3
Joey, Moose, Tequila, and of course Queeny
Oh... and one more thing to add - a special thanks to Aaron Christensen.. the task master, for hosting this blog hop.. which I may add.. was quite the task!
A Happy Happy New Year to all!
Thanks for visiting and be sure to click the forward and back buttons below to see some of my artist friends and their incredible talent and amazing studios!