Sunday, July 7, 2013


For the Henry Glass Summer Fabric Party, I wanted to share my love of summer!  Stop by their blog and enter to win all week!

Well it is pretty common knowledge to most that know me that I am much more of a summer, sunshine, beach loving person, and winter… well…. not so much.  I don't dislike the winter.  After all it has the holidays, and yes.. that I am a huge fan of the holidays.  But living in Chicago, the winters can seem to take some time to get through.   That is why spring is always welcome because it it the next step to SUMMER!!!  But this year,  summer just seemed like it was never coming.  We opened our pool right on schedule Labor day weekend and waited…. and waited… and waited for the hot summer sunshine to start enjoying it!  We have had a few days of heat tossed in here and there.. but not the "usual" summer we are used to.     
  But summer is finally here and this afternoon I was able to enjoy the pool.  Soaking up some sun with my sketchpad in hand which is a wonderful perk to my job. I am not always able to enjoy this benefit, but when I can,  sitting poolside with sketchbook and feet dangling in the water is a sure favorite of mine.  Now sometimes it is a bit of a struggle to sketch out snowmen and halloween characters while I smell the suntan lotion… but I manage :)  In the business of art licensing, the schedule for artwork themes are usually opposite of the season we are in.  During the summer, I am usually working on snowmen and Santas, and throughout the winter I am working on the sunshine and summer themes.  
So here's to summer!!  As fast as it goes, as busy as we get.. lets enjoy and soak it up!!!
enjoying a beautiful summer evening.
And my buddy Moose hanging out with me.  He is a Newfoundland, which were bred for water rescue..but he is terrified of water!  

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