Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finally Fall!

The cool weather is here and I have to say, I am quite ready for it.  I am a huge fan of summer and sunshine of course, but this summer was a hot one!  Pumpkin lattes, hoodies, comfy Ugg boots, and the beautiful fall colors are now what I am looking forward to!    There is something to be said about the change of seasons bringing out new inspiration and with this.. new opportunities!

  Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. I agree. The fall season is upon us here in Michigan too. I am an avid lover of warm temperatures, but Fall is by far the most beautiful time of the year. Blessings, Karel

  2. Happy Fall Greetings from beautiful Ontario Canada where the leaves are turning colours and the crisp air is a wonderful addition while I am able to enjoy sipping on a warm beverage (pumpkin spice lattes are my fave!).