Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome to the studio of Shelly Comiskey - Simply Shelly Designs

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My cozy studio..

One small room, filled from corner to corner with things I love. Not
everything in my studio is art related but just bits and pieces of me. Some of
my favorite books, the little nik naks from when my kids were small,
pictures, and wall to wall fur balls curled up napping on the many pillows and
dog beds I have spread out on the floor for them. My fuzzy co-workers, my
inspiration.. all in all, my company all day.
For many years back in our old house I had the tiny room in the basement
and the space heater at my feet to keep them warm. Now I feel so blessed to
have a beautiful room in my house.. my studio. With a great view looking out
to the trees and skylights bringing me the sunshine, I cannot think of a better
place to start my day and to end each night. In my old studio, I surrounded
myself with everything an artist needs at arms reach... paints, brushes of all
kinds, paper, glues, clay, ribbons, glitter, boxes of this and that.. oh I could
go on. But I realized when designing my studio 9 years ago that this time I
needed comfort. I wanted the feeling to be more relaxed and not so cluttered.
This definitely helps my creativity. And "comfy" it is!! From my cushy chair,
a warm wooden desk, to the colors and things that surround's just perfect for
me. Don't get me wrong.. I still surround myself with my artsy things.. lots
and lots of them.. but keeping a bit more cohesive to the surroundings in lots
of wicker baskets and a great closet! And come deadline time.. which sometimes
seems to be daily.... there are truly the days when I cannot find my desk.. let
alone my cat or little Chihuahua Tequila...after all.. I am still the right brainer!

Sketchbooks and sketchbooks, some watercolor paints, markers, and colored
pencils, and books. That's what I now keep near.. but a couple of my favorites are the Cintiq
monitors. I have the 21" and now the lap size 12". These are digital monitors that I can work with my art
programs directly on the screen. Definitely ranking as favorites in the
studio.. well that and my coffee maker.
Loving my 12" Cintiq
I love the warm sunshine that comes through as well as the natural sunlight... pounce or not to pounce.....
Inside the closet doors is a treasure trove of goodies!!
Just a sample.. have a couple more closets in the basement :D
Tiki aka "Queeny"... we have to move the kitty bed to follow the sun spot across my desk through the day. So glad she lets me share her studio..
my studio buddies <3
Joey, Moose, Tequila, and of course Queeny
Oh... and one more thing to add - a special thanks to Aaron Christensen.. the task master, for hosting this blog hop.. which I may add.. was quite the task!
A Happy Happy New Year to all!
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  1. thanks for sharing!
    (i'd love to come over and play in that craft closet!) :)

  2. Love the white wooden desk and hutch! Such a comfy space!

    Thanks for the little peek!

  3. Oh to be able to sit there and work! But you forgot one thing...your candles! ;o)...hugs to you Shelly.

  4. You have created such a calm space Shelly, I totally want to come curl up on a dog bed with someone big and fuzzy. Do they share?

  5. I love the white hutch! Great, warm space!

  6. Shelly, Thank you for letting us "in" to your world on the other side of the computer screen. I love your studio, the spaces you have designed to work in - they look warm and cozy - just like your whimsical art.

  7. Thanks everyone! And Beth.. yes they share...Moose does take up alot of the room though :)

  8. Hi Shelly - Yes, looks comfy and surrounded by artsy stuff, lots of it, I can relate. A very nice place to create. Love the hutch work space as well. Nice job.

  9. I love it!! It makes me want to be home snuggled up in 'my chair' across from you with my feet on Moosers :) <3 you!

  10. Ooooh Casey.. how many hours we spent with you in 'your chair' just hanging out. I wish you were here! <3 U 2 !

  11. Shelly, your space is so warm and comfortable! um.....TWO cintiqs??!! lucky girl, you are. That's on my short list for this year.
    Thank you for sharing your space - I can see why your art is so warm and fuzzy - and not from the pet hair!

  12. Thanks Brenda!! LOL Yep two.. but only becuase a couple years ago I had some neck issues..but now with the 12" I don't worry so much about it coming back. Oh and there is plenty of pet hair LOL!

  13. Like you I have my things hidden in storage. The difference being, if I opened my doors for the pictures everything would cascade out onto the floor. So clean, organized and so comfortable, I'm so jealous!
    Thanks for hopping and sharing Shelly! You rock!

  14. Enjoyed it Shelly-such a great space with such nice co-workers.

  15. This is such a cozy a wonderful space, it reminds me of your sunshiny personality and your cute artwork, your coworkers are really adorable. I feel like I actually visiting you when I see these pictures. Thanks, I have decided to call you sunshine because you're like a ray of sunshine and so is your studio , I know that sounds corny LOL.

  16. home-y cozy! I hear you about too much stuff hindering creativity (that's true of me too), but it's hard to pare it back, and decide what stays and what goes. You've done a lovely job here.

  17. hey Shelly, "queenie" is adorable. Such a cozy space. Is that a Cintiq you have? I'd love to play on one of those some time.

    thanks for sharing


  18. I'm going back and revisiting all the studios more leisurely today as I was out most of the day yesterday. I love the words of inspiration on your walls! the lighting is great! And 2 studio pets, cat and dog - how lucky, but it looks like the cat rules!

  19. Thanks for sharing you lovely space. Also, your blog header may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. :)

  20. HAha Aaron.. I can't believe I had shown my closet before cleaning it up first LOL.. Definately days when I don't want to open it LOL! Sue how cute are you?? You can call me sunshine any time you want! :)And nope not corny!!

  21. Terri..I have two cintiqs! The 21 inch and the 12inch. I LOVE LOVE THEM. After having the 21 inch for a couple years.. i went to the smaller one for my lap. (Old issues with my neck) I definately use both. You would LOVE it. And Phyllis.. I have a crazy four studio pets in this small space.. Three dogs.. I know I am nuts! Some days I can't even roll my chair LOL.. And Samantha - where is your cat???I think you should get a stuffed animal one..less hair too!

  22. Diane.. that is so nice of you to say! Thank you!!

  23. The studio looks so neat and tidy Shelly. Is it always like this LOL? I love your inspiring words on the walls and I LOVE Queeny. Is she a Siamese Persian? I can babysit anytime.

  24. So warm and it! I am in love with the desk and hutch, as well as your studio pets. Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Shelly, it's so pretty! The furniture choices are just wonderful. You've definitely achieved the cozy, warm and inviting look you were going for. The room looks like a big hug! It's easy to see how your warm and heart-felt creations come out of there!

    Hugs (warm ones!) Diane

  26. I absolutely love your desk!!!